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ESL's StormSwitch Online Catalog contains product information such as spec sheets and product selection information.



ESL's Emergency Power brochure includes detailed product information, including connection diagrams, product selection tools, and industry applications.

Specs for Engineers

ESL's standard specifications are a resource to assist engineers during the planning and design stages of a project.

Manual Transfer Switch Standard Specs (PDF)
Manual Transfer Switch Standard Spec (DOC)
(revised as of 04/04/12)



The StormSwitch™ demo video illustrates the safe and simple operation of ESL's UL1008 Listed manual transfer switch.

ESL's No Power video discusses the increased need for backup power and how StormSwitch minimizes interruption of business operation.

Photo Gallery

The Emergency Power Photo Gallery includes a variety of images demonstrating ESL's emergency power solutions




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Manual Transfer Switch for
Quick Portable Generator Connection

Offered up to 3000A, ESL's Manual Transfer Switch with generatorESL's StormSwitch™ (UL/cUL 1008 Listed up to 2000A) Manual Transfer Switch is the ideal solution for portable generator connection to grid-tied facilities. StormSwitch™ provides pluggable connectors and a manual transfer switch allowing a quick, safe portable generator connection and operation for any building. Once installed by a licensed electrician, the StormSwitch™ is so easy and safe to operate that only basic training is required. No KIRK® key* or trapped key interlocks are necessary.

ESL offers unique manual transfer switch solutions for commercial and industrial applications including:


U.S. Patent 7462792B1

*KIRK® Key is a registered trademark of Kirk Key Interlock Company, LLC

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